Band News

MISD Pre-Area Marching Showcase & Clinic

Saturday, October 21st

 Vernon Newsom Stadium


You are responsible for communicating everything on this itinerary to your parents immediately.

2:00pm                        Band Hall open

3:00pm                        Arrive and prepare for rehearsal

3:30pm                        Rehearsal begins

  • rehearsal attire – black show t-shirt, black shorts, long black socks, marching shoes

4:15pm                        Rehearsal ends, restroom break, load trucks

4:30pm                        Meal provided by the LREBB in the cafeteria

5:00pm                        Section Leader Meeting in E143 prior to inspection

5:15pm                        Uniform Inspection

5:45pm                        Load buses in full uniform minus shako

6:00pm                        Depart for Newsom Stadium

6:15pm                        Arrive, check-in, unload trucks

  • Front Ensemble, Battery, Sousaphones, and prop helpers go to the trucks
  • (prop helpers do not need shakos, plumes, or instruments

6:20pm                        Winds set attendance block near buses

  • Receive plumes near buses

6:35pm                        Move to Warm-up Area

  • Receive a bottle of water from the LREBB

6:45pm                        Warm-up

7:15pm                        Move to performance ready line

7:30pm                        Performance

7:40pm                        Water break and prepare for clinic

7:45pm                        Marching show clinic with our two guest clinicians

8:20pm                        File into the stadium and watch Legacy’s performance

  • Return battery, front ensemble, sousaphones, and props back to trucks
  • Return plumes

8:30pm                        Legacy performs

8:40pm                        File out of the stadium and return to buses

8:50pm                        Load buses

9:00pm                        Depart for Lake Ridge

9:15pm                        Arrive at Lake Ridge

General Spectator Information:

1.         Admission is free

2.         Spectator is free


Student Reminders:

1.         Every academically eligible student will attend this event.

2.         Instruments are to be clean and in perfect working order.

3.         Uniform is to be clean and wrinkle free.

4.         Marching shoes are to be clean and free of any visible imperfections.

5.         Eat prior to arriving at Lake Ridge.

6.         The LREBB will provide a meal prior to our departure from Lake Ridge.

First Game Tips from the Band Boosters


Here are some First Game Tips from the Band Boosters!

– If you are volunteering for the game and NOT riding the bus please be sure to purchase your ticket. There have been some stadiums that have required Bus Chaperones to purchase a ticket so please be prepared to purchase a ticket just in case.  You can purchase them in advance at the school bookkeeper ($6 for an adult ticket) or you can purchase them at Newsom Stadium until Game Day afternoon at the discounted rate.  Tickets at the MISD gate are $7. Additional ticket information can be found page.cfm?p=4642

 -Some stadiums will take both cash and credit for ticket sales and concession stands. Please be prepared in the event the location is not able to process credit/debit transactions.

 -If you have signed up to volunteer please be sure to sign in on the volunteer clipboard.  Mary Alice Gilchrist is usually sitting by the Band/Color Guard and has the clipboard.  This is the official volunteer list and points are posted in Charms to the student’s accounts.

 -Please stop by the Lake Ridge front office and get a volunteer sticker.  This will allow the kids to know which adults are volunteers. In the event you can not make it up to the school during school hours AND you are in the Raptor system you may call up to the receptionist and ask them to release your label to your student. Your student will need to go by to pick it up between classes.  They will not deliver it to them nor call them out of class.

 -Volunteers are required to annually complete a background check.  If you have not already filled out the online form please do so now.  The link is: https://mansfield.quickapp. pro/apply/applicant/new/5108?_ ref=qap_session_ 56768e6d875272ea9ca2b86be8206e 3f784c49ccd40f9a7ecd9740bed800 8780

 -If you have signed up to volunteer for the following duties please watch for the band to leave the stands near the middle/end of 2nd quarter.  You will follow them down to the field.

          Snacks and Water, Flip Folders/Tubs, Photography, Nurse, and Plumes

If you volunteered for Pits/Props/Transportation/ Logistics Chris Johnson will contact you with specific details for each event.

-Take Lots of Photos and share those photos with parents!  We have a Shutterfly site.  It’s free to view and download the photos to your own computer. Shutterfly runs specials every weekend for freebies.  Our site is  We have started a folder per game so upload your photos under the game album.

-Be sure to join the Lake Ridge Band Mom (and Dads) Facebook group.  Parents share information about carpooling, when the busses arrive at the school, important last minute notes, etc.  Our page is: groups/1496149507333533/

-Wear your Eagle Band Spirit Shirts and sit by the Eagle Band!

-Be sure and cheer loud for our Eagle Band!

It’s going to be a great year.  See you Thursday night at Newsom.