Band News

Friday, August 4th – Schedule Change -PLEASE READ

Based on the length of the lines that we have seen thus far this week for class schedule pickup, we have made a slight change to Friday’s rehearsal end time.  Please see the revised rehearsal schedule below:

7:00am-11:00am – Outside Marching Rehearsal (as originally planned)
11:00am-Noon – Lunch Break (as originally planned)
Noon-12:20 pm – Inside Combined Section Warm-up Rehearsal (as originally planned)
12:25 pm – Announcements and Dismissal (end of the rehearsal day)
12:30 pm – All band and colorguard students attend class schedule pickup regardless of gender or classification

Upon completion of their class schedule pickup process, band and colorguard students may return to the band hall, retrieve their belongings, and leave for the day.

Students who are unable to be picked-up prior to the originally planned 4:30 pm dismissal, are welcome to remain in the band hall area until their ride arrives at 4:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bonebrake via email.