LRHS Eagle Band March-a-thon

Saturday, September 23rd

Be sure to eat breakfast prior to arriving at Daulton Elementary School

7:30 am – Lake Ridge Band Hall opens

7:45 am – Truck carrying battery and sousaphones departs Lake Ridge for Daulton Elementary School
(truck will remain loaded from the previous night’s football game)

8:00 am – Truck arrives at Daulton Elementary School and is unloaded

8:15 am – Lake Ridge Band Hall closes
Be sure to get all of your needed items out of the band hall by this time!

8:30 am – Arrive at the front parking lot of Daulton Elementary School

You are responsible for providing your own transportation both to & from Daulton Elementary
The address for Daulton Elementary is: 607 N. Grand Peninsula Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75054

  • Wear your informal uniform consisting of:
    • Athletic shoes, short white or black socks, black LR Band shorts, green LR Band polo shirt
    • Sunscreen and sunglasses are encouraged
  • You will need your marching instrument/equipment, flip folder/lyre, and filled water jug.
  • Ice may not be available for you to use on Saturday morning at Daulton Elementary School, so plan to take your water jug home with you on Friday night and return with it filled with ice and water on Saturday morning.

8:45 am – Set parade block
Brief ensemble warm-up and rehearsal

9:00 am – March-a-thon begins

11:00 am – March-a-thon ends

  • Load truck
  • Chick-fil-a meal in the Daulton Elementary School cafeteria for those who pre-purchased a meal ticket from the boosters

11:30 am – Truck departs Daulton Elementary School for Lake Ridge

11:45 am – Truck arrives at Lake Ridge and is unloaded

Noon Go home! Enjoy your weekend!