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Lake Ridge Eagle Band March-A-Thon!

Step outside and get your groove on with the

Lake Ridge Eagle Band

as we march from DAULTON Elementary School

through Grand Peninsula.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Special performance @ 9:15am in



We’re marching right by your house!

For further information email

[email protected]



The Band will start marching @ approximately 9am from DAULTON Elementary school and will stop at OVERLOOK PARK @ approximately 9:15am to perform and will then follow the route below.


Will be collected around the route.

Personal performances available for a substantial donation.

Thank you for supporting 280 students of the

Lake Ridge Band!

1st Six Weeks Grading Period & Academic Eligibility Information

Thursday, September 27th @ 2:55pm (student deadline)End of 1st Six Weeks Grading Period

  • Students maintain, lose, or regain academic eligibility based on the work that is completed and turned in to their teachers by the 2:55pm student deadline.

Monday, October 1st @ 10:00pm (teacher deadline)

  • Teachers must have all work submitted by the student deadline graded and entered within Skyward.

 Thursday, September 27th @ 2:55pm-Thursday, October 4th @ 2:55pmUIL Grace Week

  • The UIL Grace Week is used for:
    • Correction of teacher grade reporting errors within Skyward
    • Work turned in late due to absence on the final day of the grading period

Thursday, October 4th @ 2:55pmEnd of UIL Grace Week

  • Students maintain, regain, or lose academic eligibility @ 2:55pm.

Students who become ineligible on Thursday, October 4th @ 2:55pm will be unable to perform at or travel to extracurricular events with the band until academic eligibility status is regained.  Extracurricular events include football games, marching contests, parade performances, pep rallies, adjudicated auditions (TMEA), etc…  Academic eligibility is not a requirement of co-curricular events such as the Holiday Concert and Spring Concert.

Please note that academic eligibility does not apply to rehearsals.  Academic eligibility applies only to performances.

Events immediately affected by loss of academic eligibility on Thursday, October 4th include:

  • Saturday, October 6th POC Marching Contest
  • Friday, October 12th Waxahachie football game
  • Tuesday, October 16th UIL Region Marching Contest
  • Friday, October 19th Cedar Hill football game
  • Saturday, October 20th MISD Pre-Area Clinic & Contest

Students must earn the following percentages in their classes by the 2:55pm deadline on Thursday, 9/27 in order to maintain or regain academic eligibility:

-AP, Pre-AP, TCC, Pre-Calculus classes – 60% or higher or a grade of Pass for Pass/Fail classes

-All other classes – 70% or higher or a grade of Pass for Pass/Fail Classes

MISD Major Assessment (Test) Retake Policy:

-Refer to the class-specific syllabus for details on MISD mandated major assessment (test) retake policy

-Test retakes taken during the UIL Grace Week may positively effect the class average but WILL NOT positively affect academic eligibility status.

What are we doing to assist our students with maintaining their academic eligibility?

  • We will regularly speak to the students regarding the grading period timeline.
  • We encourage students to attend tutorials before, during, and after school, as needed.
  • Starting the week of September 10th, students will be given in-class study/homework time on occasion and will know in advance which days will include study time.
  • At least once per week, the directors will be checking all student grades within Skyward and speaking to individual students regarding low grades, especially zeros.
  • A peer tutoring list has been created by the band student leaders and is posted within the band hall. It lists the names of specific band student leaders and the subjects that they are offering peer tutoring.

So, as you can see, students losing academic eligibility at the end of the 1st Six Weeks Grading Period will miss, at the minimum, many of the regular football season games and our marching contests.

As we have mentioned on a number of occasions, the success of our group greatly depends upon the success and academic eligibility of each individual member.  PLEASE HELP US BY CHECKING WITH YOUR CHILDREN DAILY REGARDING THEIR ACADEMIC PROGRESS IN ALL OF THEIR CLASSES.

Thank you,

Brad Bonebrake




We are so excited about the upcoming marching season and are glad you will be a part of it!

For ANY AND ALL information regarding the upcoming 2018-2019 Summer Marching Band Camp or Marching Season, access the “INFORMATION” tab above and click on “DOCUMENT PDFS”.

For information on our VOLUNTEER/DONATION POINT SYSTEM, access the “INFORMATION” tab above and then “VOLUNTEER – DONATION POINT SYSTEM”.

We’re looking forward to a SUCCESSFUL season!!