UIL Region 5 Marching Contest Itinerary

Vernon Newsom Stadium

Wednesday, October 17th


All students should eat during their normal A Day Lunch period

1:20pm                Excused from your 4thblock or Ben Barber 2ndSession class

1:25pm                Change into rehearsal attire:  black show t-shirt, black LR

                           Band shorts/thin athletic shorts, long black socks, marching


                           Prepare for rehearsal

1:45pm                Brief rehearsal begins

2:30pm                Rehearsal ends, load trucks

2:40pm                Section Leader meeting in Band Office

2:45pm                Inspection within the band hall area only

3:30pm                Load buses in full uniform minus shako/beret

3:45pm                Depart for Newsom Stadium

4:00pm                Arrive, check-in, unload trucks

                          -Front Ensemble, Battery, Sousaphones, and prop helpers go

                           to the trucks

                          (prop helpers do not need shakos, plumes, or instruments

4:45pm                Set attendance block near buses

                           Receive plumes

4:55pm                Move to Warm-up Area B

                           Receive a bottle of water from the LREBB

5:05pm                Warm-up in Area B

5:30pm                Move to performance ready line

5:45pm                Performance

6:00pm                Load trucks

                           Return plumes

6:15pm                Load buses

6:30pm                Depart for Lake Ridge

6:45pm                Arrive at Lake Ridge

General Spectator Information:

1.      Admission – No mention was made regarding a spectator fee

2.      Spectator parking – Free parking is available in the stadium parking lot.

Student Reminders:

1.      Every academically eligible student will attend all marching contests.

2.      Instruments are to be clean and in perfect working order.

3.      Uniform is to be clean and wrinkle free.

4.      Marching shoes are to be clean and free of any visible imperfections.