2021 Summer Band Information


 Lake Ridge High School Band families,

            We hope that your summer vacation is off to a great start.  The directors, staff, and booster executive board members have been working hard in preparation for what will be a fun and rewarding fall marching band season and school year.  As the summer break continues, arrangements for our marching camps are being finalized.  Please take a few minutes to review the included information including the information from the new student and parent meeting held on May 24th, the projected marching camp daily rehearsal schedule, the projected fees and supplies list for the upcoming season, the LRHS Marching Band Remind class sign-up instructions, our preliminary performance calendar, school-owned instrument pick-up, optional summer music sectional information, the UIL Physical Examination and Medical History Form completion requirements, a link to our LRHS Band Student Handbook, links to marching music, a link to our marching show trailer, and more.  After you have read through the information, please contact Mr. Bonebrake via email at [email protected] if you have any questions.


>I have a new student.  Where can I find information for students new to the LRHS Band?

Students and parents new to the LRHS Band who were unable to attend the Zoom meeting on May 24th, can access the information discussed at the meeting by using the following link:  New Band Student and Parent Meeting Presentation Documents 

To view the recorded meeting, use the following link and password: New Band Student and Parent Meeting Recording

Password:  [email protected]%rX 


>Is the 2021-2022 LRHS Band Student Handbook ready?

Yes.  Use the following link to access our students handbook:  2021-2022 LRHS Band Student Handbook

The forms due at the July 31st band student registration day are located at the back of this document.


>Has the July and August marching band director-led rehearsal schedule changed since it was originally distributed?

No.  Please refer to the marching band rehearsal schedule found at this link:  Marching Rehearsal Schedule.


Notice on this schedule that July 26th and July 27th are reserved for colorguard, percussion, marching leaders, and new brass and woodwind marchers only and that July 28th, 29th, and 30th are reserved for all members.


>Are director-led summer marching rehearsals in July and August mandatory?

Yes.  If you have some sort of conflict with director-led rehearsal dates, please communicate with Mr. Bonebrake asap.


>How will each rehearsal day be structured and what should I wear to rehearsal?

Typically, we rehearse outside in the mornings and move indoors for lunch and the afternoon portion of the rehearsal day.  It is important that you wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes to rehearsal.  Running or cross-training shoes are essential.  Wearing any other kind of shoe will make executing our marching style very difficult and will hinder the success of the student.  Sandals and crocks are not permitted.  Wearing sunglasses and a hat is highly encouraged.


>What will I need to bring with me to each rehearsal day?

See the following link for a list of necessary rehearsal supplies:  Required Rehearsal Supplies


>Should I bring my lunch to campus each rehearsal day?

Yes.  Students will have one hour for lunch. We HIGHLY recommend bringing lunch each day.  Students will be able to use cafeteria tables within the building.  Students will be able to store their lunches within their band lockers, which will be assigned to each student on their first rehearsal day.


>If it’s raining, does that mean the rehearsal day will be canceled?

No.  If poor weather conditions dictate that we move indoors for rehearsal, we will do so.  Rehearsals are not canceled unless you receive a message from Mr. Bonebrake via Remind stating so.


 >How can I be prepared for the upcoming marching rehearsals?

It is important that each student is physically and mentally prepared for each rehearsal.  Acclimation to the normal Texas summer temperatures prior to marching rehearsals is important, especially for those students who were 100% virtual last school year and for those who were relatively physically inactive as a result of the pandemic’s limitations.  Consistently getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals each day, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and wearing appropriate athletic clothing and shoes to rehearsals are all very important to the success of each of our students.


>I see that my class schedule pick-up time conflicts with band rehearsal.  How will this work?

According to the marching camp schedule, students will need to attend class schedule pick-up according to the following schedule:

                  Wednesday, 8/4 – 9:45am – All senior band students; Noon – All junior students

                  Thursday, 8/5 – 9:45am – All sophomore band students; Noon – All freshman band students

Prior to class schedule pick-up, please attend to the following items to minimize wait time:

  1.     Clear up any fines through the Lake Ridge bookkeeper’s office, if applicable
  2.     Complete the online New or Returning Student Registration within Skyward 
  3.     Submit via email your Proof of Residency in the form of a current electric bill, gas bill, water bill, or lease agreement.

Click on this link for more details:  Proof of Residency Submission Information 


>I am a freshman registered to attend Eaglet Camp on Thursday, 8/5.  Will this conflict with a rehearsal?

No.  Eaglet Camp is scheduled to be held from 5:30pm-7:00pm.


>Will the band perform at Eaglet Camp on Thursday, 8/5? 

Yes.  New this year, instead of the entire marching band, only members of the Wind Symphony and Drumline will perform at Eaglet Camp.  As soon as I have more details, I will let everyone know.


 >I am planning to attend tryouts/practices for a Lake Ridge High School or club sport/activity such as cross country, tennis, volleyball, football, cheerleading, or drill team that may conflict with band rehearsals.  What should I do?

Please email Mr. Bonebrake regarding this possible conflict immediately.  We are always willing to work with students, especially freshmen, who are interested in exploring more than one school-related activity.  Clear and timely communication between all involved parties is very important in these situations.


 >Can I miss rehearsal for driver’s education classes, baby-sitting, or work?

No.  Please make every effort to schedule around our band camp schedule.  Remember that your absence from rehearsal not only affects you, but it also affects everyone else in the band as well.


 >When will Senior yearbook pictures be scheduled and will this conflict with marching rehearsal?

Seniors should plan to have their senior pictures taken anytime on Tuesday, August 3rd or Wednesday, August 4th between Noon and 4:00pm.  The photographer is reserving time slots on both of those afternoons specifically for our band seniors.


>When can I check out a school-owned instrument?

Most of our instruments have returned from the repair shop.  The band hall will be open for school-owned instrument check-out according to the following schedule.

June 23-24 from 8:00am-5:00pm July 12-15 from 8:00am-5:00pm

June 30-July 1 from 8:00am-5:00pm July 19-20 from 8:00am-5:00pm

Enter the band hall using the side door entrance (Entry 14). You will need to see the director on duty to check-out your instrument(s).  Please note that no instrument usage fee is due at the time of pick-up.  All fees will be collected at the band student registration day scheduled for Saturday, July 31st.


>When are all of the fees due?

July 31st.  The band and colorguard student supply and fee lists can be found at this link:  Supply and Fee Information  

These lists will explain each student’s financial obligation, and also what the school district and band boosters contribute.  The Lake Ridge Eagle Band Boosters offer interest-free payment plan options for those families in need of a bit more time to pay for the needed band supplies.  Details regarding payment plans will be available from the boosters on July 31st.


>What is the schedule for the Band Student Registration Day on Saturday, July 31st?

This is a very important day for all of our band students and families.  Not only will marching uniforms be fitted for and issued to all of our wind and percussion students, but all of the supplies that each band and colorguard student will need for the fall semester will be available for sizing and ordering.  Please see the following link for more specific information:  Band Student Registration Day Information


>Has a Remind class been created for the Lake Ridge Marching Band?

Yes.  We will use the free text service provided by Remind.com in order to convey a great deal of band related information to our students and parents throughout the year.  If you have not already done so, it is very important that each new student and at least one parent register for this free service.  Returning members do not need to register, as this is the same Remind class as last year.  Sign-up instructions can be found here:  LRHS Marching Band Remind Class Sign-up Instructions


>Do all students need to complete a Physical Exam and Medical History Form again this year?

Colorguard and percussion students must return the required completed documents by Monday, July 19th.  All others must return the required completed documents by Monday, July 26th.  Until the required forms are completed and returned, students will not be permitted to participate in outdoor marching activities.  The required forms may be hand delivered to Mr. Bonebrake or sent via scanned email attachment to [email protected]. The required forms can be found at this link:  Physical Exam Form and Medical History Form


 >Has the 2021-2022 band preliminary performance schedule been completed?

Yes.  The preliminary performance schedule can be found at this link:  Preliminary Performance Calendar

Once more information is made available regarding concert band performances, a revised performance calendar will be created and communicated to everyone. Please note that minor adjustments may be made to this preliminary schedule.


 >Has the 2021-2022 full band calendar been completed?

Yes.  We will once again be using our online software program, Charms Office Assistant, for many purposes, one of which is the full band calendar. A month-by-month pdf version of the full band calendar can be found at this link: Preliminary Full Band Calendar


We HIGHLY recommend that each student and parents sync the full band calendar to your smart device by using the instructions found at this link:  Band Calendar Sync Instructions


>Are optional student-led sectional rehearsals happening in June and July?

Yes.  Occasionally, throughout the months of June and July, our student leadership team members create and lead optional sectional rehearsals. Though optional, it is encouraged that new members attend these sectional rehearsals, if possible. Our student leadership team is eager to work with each new member of their section and assist them with learning the skills necessary to be successful. These rehearsals are also a great way for our students to get to know one another and build comradery within each section. The directors have provided specific sectional rehearsal guidelines to the members of the student leadership team, and an LRHS cluster band director will be supervising the facilities for all rehearsals held on campus.


 >What are the plans for the 2021 Marching Show?

The competitive marching show for the 2021 marching season is nearly complete.  The brass and woodwind parts are already complete and can be accessed using the links below.  The percussion parts are also complete and have been distributed to the percussion students.  Also below is a short video trailer announcing our 2021 Marching Show, “Back to the Wild.”  In short, this show is intended to be one possible sequel to the iconic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are,” from which a movie version was created in 2009.  More details to come…


“Back to the Wild” Video Trailer

“Back to the Wild” mp3 (without battery and front ensemble parts)

“Back to the Wild” Brass Instrumental Parts

“Back to the Wild” Woodwind Instrumental Parts

Preliminary Brass and Woodwind Part Assignment List


I realize that this is a lot of information to digest.  However, I wanted to include as much as possible in one communication as opposed to several separate communications.  If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.


Brad Bonebrake
Director of Bands
Lake Ridge High School
[email protected]