LRHS Percussion Supplies

Lake Ridge HS Percussion Supplies 2019

Every percussionist will need the following items:


Vic Firth SATK Ted Atkatz Signature Series Drumsticks           $30

1 drum pad; OffWorld Model #OLL                                                  $45

1 metronome or metronome app to use while practicing                 FREE

Free App – “MetroTimer” and ear buds

2 pair of “concert” marimba mallets (a set of 4 total mallets)           $35

IP275N Soloist Series Med Yarn Marimba Mallets (Natural Handles)


IP 3105B Ludwig Albert Model                                                        $40


Vic Firth Tim Genis Timpani Mallets GEN8 Model                          $36

2 Pencils for each student and each bass drum student needs a hi-lighter

There are many, many different variations – if you already have something that is comparable to the above item – please show Mr. Scearce so that he can approve…

For marching band – get the sticks/mallets you need for your assigned instrument


IPFS-PR2  Paul Rennick #2 (3pairs)                                              $11 (each pair)



IPTS-1 Oversize Wood Bead (for the stands)                                $10

IPTS-PR Paul Rennick Tenor Sticks  (2 pairs)                               $18



Bass #1  IP FBX-1 Hard Felt, Tapered                                           $33

Bass #2  IP FBX-2 Hard Felt, Tapered                                           $35

Bass #3  IP FBX-3 Hard Felt, Tapered                                           $36

Bass #4  IP FBX-3 Hard Felt, Tapered                                           $36

Bass #5  IP FBX-4 Hard Felt, Tapered                                           $43


All of these items can be found through the following link:

Any questions or concerns email  [email protected]