Lakeridge vs. Cedar Friday October 23 at 7:30p.m.

Date: October 23, 2020

We have a limited number of spots for our game against Cedar Hill.  The game is Friday evening at 7:30p.m  All volunteers who sign up will get in free with the band.  Bus chaperones must be at the school by 5:00.  You must wear your volunteer band polo and enter with the band.  VOLUNTEERS ONLY will not need a ticket to get in.  If you show up to walk in with band and are not a volunteer you will be asked to leave.   If you have purchased a ticket for the game and would like to volunteer, please Christi McInnis.  Mr. Bonebrake will set aside a row for all volunteers to sit.  You will be required to help with multiple duties from taking kids to the restrooms or handing out water.

Flip Tub Handlers– Line up tubs on the field so the band can drop their their music after they perform  the piece for the drill team.  You will also be asked to help with distribution of water to the band after the performance and stay with the band to chaperone band students to the restroom.

Nurse-   The nurse is required to help with minor injuries with the band students.   A nurse kit will be provided.

Truck Driver- The truck drivers will be responsible for driving the truck to and from the school with the necessary equipment the band will use.  Truck drivers will be required to report to the band hall around 4:30 to help load the equipment and depart for Newsome stadium at 5:00.

Equipment Unloading- Your job will be to help unload and load the equipment at the stadium and back at Lakeridge after the game.

Photographer –  The photographer will take photos of the band in the stands and their performance.  Photographers are not allowed on the field this year. Photos must be taken from the stand.

Videographer–  The Videographer will film the halftime performance. A camera will be provided to you and instructions given at the game.


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What Name
What Name
Bus Chaperones (Check In at LRHS Band Hall by 5:00p #1: April Patteson
#2: Danielle Wisnoski
#3: April Patteson
#4: Sean McGrath
#5: Steve Baker
#6: Sign up »
Flip Tub #1: Shavonne Williams
#2: Wymeko Williams Sr
#3: Reshelia Brown
#4: Aryiah Brown
#5: Tonya Davis
Drum Major Podium #1: Sean Loughlin
#2: Marco Perez
#3: Kinsey Brown
Videographer #1: Norberto Pacheco
Photographer #1: Steve Baker