Date: September 30, 2023

Wylie Marching Invitational

Wylie High School Stadium 2550 W. FM 544 Wylie, Texas 75098


If this is your first time volunteering with us this school year, please complete the MISD Volunteer Background Check, select Begin the Application Process, and then select Lake Ridge to start the application.

Truck Loaders and Unloaders- Volunteers will meet at Lake Ridge and help load the truck for football games and contests.  You will ride in the truck with the truck drivers and help load and unload the trucks with the students.

Bus Chaperones – Volunteers will ride the buses to and from the event with the students. You will be required to take attendance when you get on the bus at LRHS and again when loading the buses for the return trip. You will need to sit near the band during the event and help with any chaperone needs such as taking the students to the restroom. Please be advised that you may not be on the same bus as your child.  Meet in the band hall no later than 12:00 to get bus assignments and rosters. We will begin loading buses at 12:50 (Times subject to change)

Contest Meals- Volunteers will be serving meals at Lake Ridge High School Cafeteria with the location subject to change. Morgan Busby is your point of contact.

Photographer – Volunteers will take pictures of the LRHS Band during their performance and in the stands. These pictures will need to be uploaded to our LRHS Band Smug Mug account. Videographer  – Volunteers will video the LRHS Band during their performance. (Can be the same person, if needed)

Water/Snacks at the competition  – Volunteers will hand out water and snacks to the LRHS band students after their performance. The location to hand out water and snacks will be near the busses or location designated by a remind announcement.

Movers: Ensemble and Drum Major Podiums/ Ladders – Volunteers will assist in getting equipment onto the field and into position, then removed after the performance. Front podiums should be set up on the front sideline on each 35-yard line. The back podium should be set up on the back sideline on the far side (the side furthest from the main video scoreboard) on the 35-yard line. The percussion students will aid in showing you where to help place their instruments.

Uniforms: Uniform helpers need to arrive at the school about 10 minutes before the bus returns from the contest and they are scheduled to return after games and contests.  Times are subject to change.  Maria Miller will give you instructions on how to inspect the uniforms.

Plumes: Volunteers will wear white gloves (provided) and help insert the plumes into the shako hats before the performance and after the performance. Plumes are delicate and can be damaged easily by oily hands.  Gloves must be worn.

Wylie Marching Invitational Itinerary

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Christi McInnis


[email protected]

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Bus #1 Percussion#1: Julie Moss
Bus #2 Low Woods/Sousaphone#1: Christi McInnis
#2: Aiesha Taylor
#3: Kimberly High
Bus #3 Flutes#1: Crystal Daniel
#2: Joanna Hawkins
Bus #4 Clarinet/Mellophone#1: Patricia Hernandez
Bus #5 Alto Sax#1: Katie Fenton
Bus #6 Trumpet#1: Tina Meyer
Bus #7 Trombone/Baritone#1: Crissy Dazey
Bus #8 Colorguard#1: Kim Beckom
Student Chaperone for Shadows that help with Props#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
Truck Loader/Unloader#1: Angela Mckee
#2: Brian Chappell
#3: Jamie Sauermann
Equipment/Percussion Front Ensemble#1: Kristen Stone
#2: Kinsey Brown
#3: Resheila Brown
Drum Major Podiums#1: NIcholas Keith
#2: Sean McGrath
#3: Jeff Stevenson
Nurse#1: Jill Garrels
Contest Meal Servers#1: Leslie Moreno
#2: Carolynn Green
Competition Snack/Water#1: Van Nguyen
#2: Martha Nguyen
#3: Janice Lancaster
#4: Leticia Lucio gallegos
Photographers#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#2: (empty) - sign-ups closed
Uniforms (at Lake Ridge after the contest)#1: Precious Washington
#2: Cassandra Stinson
#3: Richelle Ziebarth
#4: Maryanne Naro
Plumes#1: Tiffany Melton
#2: Melissa Roenbeck
#3: Christina Davies
#2: Angela Mckee
#3: Pam Tolentino
#4: Gladys Ramsdell
#5: Michael Ramsdell