Wylie Marching Invitational Contest – Saturday, October 14th – Wylie HS Stadium

Date: October 14, 2017

Wylie HS Stadium

2550 W. Kirby Street

Wylie, Tx  75098


If this is your first time to volunteer, please remember to complete the MISD Volunteer Background Check at http://www.mansfieldisd.org/page.cfm?p=6001. This must be completed before you will be able to volunteer.

1. Competition Bus Chaperones (Questions? Contact Lisa Vazquez at [email protected]) – Volunteers will have multiple duties throughout the competition day.  These SUPER chaperones will ride the buses to & from the competition with the band, take roll on the bus at LRHS & again when loading the buses for the return trip.  They will sit near the band during the competition & travel along during check in & warm-ups.  They will assist in providing water/snacks throughout the day, assist with handling shako plumes before/after the performance & assist with meals.  Please arrive at the LRHS Band Hall 30 minutes before load time to sign in & get your bus assignment.  Please be advised that you may not be on the same bus as your child.  Buses will be assigned on a 1st come 1st served basis for each competition.

2. Prop Handlers (Silk Screens) (Questions? Contact Laura Miller at [email protected]) – Volunteers that will wheel the back & front silk screen panels from the truck loading area & take them onto the field for the performance.  Volunteers will remain with their assigned prop through the performance & then return the prop to the truck loading area after the performance.  These props stands are NEW & IMPROVED – lighter weight & easier to maneuver!

3. Meal Helper/Server @ Wylie Stadium (Questions? Contract Nancy Castellanos @ [email protected])- Volunteers who will assist in serving the band their meal before finals (must have a flexible schedule based on final performance time).

4. Uniform Room Helpers (after returning to LRHS) (Questions? Contact Jennifer Sanders at [email protected]) – Volunteers who help put uniforms back into the appropriate section in the uniform room after the band returns to LRHS.

5. Water/Snacks (after returning to LRHS) (Questions? Contact Stephanie Turner at [email protected]) – Volunteers who assist with the unloading of the coolers/snack bags & return them to the booster room after the band returns to LRHS.


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What Name
What Name
Competition Bus Chaperones (Multiple Duties Included - Please arrive at the LRHS Band Hall by 12:00pm) #1: cassandra mortimer
#2: Linda Svoboda
#3: Peter Singer
#4: Lori Shelman
#5: Johana Gutierrez
#6: Karen Narvaez
#7: Mico Rhines
#8: Ana Otano
#9: Luciano Otano
#10: Kenneth White
#11: Patrick Contreras
#12: Araceli Galvan
#13: Robin Cloud
#14: Lisa Vazquez
Prop Handlers (Silk Screens) #1: Mikki Brown
#2: Brandon Brown
#3: Loenzo Narvaez
#4: Kristin Johnson
#5: Sydney Johnson
#6: Reggie Rhines
#7: Zulma Miranda
#8: Lisa Jaksik
#9: Suzanne Geelen
#10: Laura Miller
#11: Kristi Craig
#12: Lisa Craig
#13: Lorie De luna
#14: LaTrina Gray
#15: Trina Wiginton
#16: Stacy Steele
#17: Roxanne Boyer
#18: Alberto Valles
#19: Alexandria Valles
#20: Robert Gutierrez
#21: Diana Gutierrez
#22: Christy Hannigan
#23: Dennis Vinoya
#24: Marvin Bell
Meal Helpers/Server @ Wylie Stadium #1: Nanette Thompson
#2: Kelley Mack
#3: Jennifer Cass
#4: Mary Gonzalez
#5: Laura Miller
Uniform Helpers (After returning to LRHS) #1: Laura Miller
#2: Jennifer Cass
#3: Jennifer Sanders
#4: Mico Rhines
#5: Stacy Steele
#6: melissa allison
#7: Linda Svoboda
#8: Colleen Koettel
#9: Ana Dalton
#10: (empty) - sign-ups closed
Water/Snacks Unloading (After returning to LRHS) #1: Nanette Thompson
#2: Trenell Scott