Private Lessons

Supplemental music lessons are offered as enrichment to classroom instruction and are designed to utilize the broad scope of characteristic literature available for every instrument or voice. Rather than stress the singular goal of competition preparation, the emphasis instead is on nurturing the independent thinking and individual performance skills critical to the development of the maturing musician. The focus is on acquiring refined levels of sight-reading and technical proficiency in tandem with the attainment of an advanced sense of musical instinct and interpretation.

For more information on the Mansfield Music Enrichment Program, visit the link below:

Mansfield Music Enrichment Program (MMEP)

Here is the list of private instructors in our district and their contact information.

Instructor Name Phone # Email Address Instrument
Hunter, Jennifer 817-821-4651 [email protected] Flute
Kaner, Ellen 817-691-7198 [email protected] Flute
Evans-Holland, Tirzah 817-703-4983 [email protected] Bassoon
Hubbard, Lisa 817-797-7819 [email protected] Clarinet
Kaner, Ellen 817-691-7198 [email protected] Clarinet
Hubbard, Lisa 817-797-7819 [email protected] Bass Clarinet
Ellison, Jason 817-495-3409 [email protected] Saxophone
Galanos, Nick 972-742-7020 [email protected] Saxophone
Davis, Minerva 817-456-0713 [email protected] Trumpet
Norman, Jeffrey 940-206-8259 [email protected] Trumpet
Davis, Josh 817-368-3833 thejoshda[email protected] French Horn
Garcia, Robert 817-229-3284 [email protected] Trombone
Smolovik, Tyler 817-542-1024 [email protected] Trombone
Williams, Kyle 817-680-7127 [email protected] Trombone
Garcia, Robert 817-229-3284 [email protected] Euphonium
Garcia, Robert 817-229-3284 [email protected] Tuba
Bell, Derron 214-477-4524 [email protected] Percussion
Land, Will 817-422-3652 [email protected] Percussion
Andrews, Jane 817-907-1068 [email protected] Accompanist
Carroll, Tracy 817-676-3194 [email protected] Accompanist
Cooper, Ronda 972-672-4882 [email protected] Accompanist
Dressler, Oscar 817-343-1238 [email protected] Accompanist
York, Megan 972-834-8443 [email protected] Colorguard